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Many people believe that digestion is simply a process that is performed in their stomach. While it is certainly true that the stomach performs a very important step of the digestion process, there is so much more to good digestion than just the stomach.


that is complete digestion, is actually a 3 part process that your body has to perform. The first part of the digestion process involves the stomach where acidic enzymes break down food and separate many of the vitamins and minerals. (See Prima- Gest Overview for a detailed explanation of this process. )

After the stomach performs the first step of separating the beneficial nutrients from your food, the partially digested materials are then moved on down into the pancreas and small intestines where an entirely different set of alkaline enzymes digest even further. (see Panzymes Overview for detailed explanation) At this point the nutrients are ready to be absorbed by your large intestines and colon.

Assuming that you have adequate levels of both the acidic stomach enzymes and the alkaline pancreatic enzymes present so that all the nutrients are separated from your food and broken down small enough to be absorbed, the nutrients are then absorbed by your large intestines and colon where they can be transported and utilized by your body to where they are needed. This is the last part of the 3 step digestion process and all three steps are of critical importance for optimum health. Here in the large intestines and colon the pH level changes back to a normal acidic state.

Stage of Digestion       pH Condition
1. Stomach                      Acidic
2. Small Intestines           Alkaline
3. Large Intestines &       Acidic

In order for your large intestines and colon to really absorb and utilize the nutrients, you need to have plenty of the good intestinal flora- Lactobacillus present. Without sufficient levels of lactobacillus present, you will receive very little if any benefit from the vitamins you swallow and the foods you eat.


Maybe it has even happened to you. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get much better results from their supplements than others do? They both take the same supplements and in the same amounts, yet one person gets much better results than the other. The answer is that the person getting the better results, has a much higher level of lactobacillus than the person getting the lesser results.


Every day your gut feeds and handles the garbage of over 14 TRILLION guest microbes. That is more than all the cells in your entire body. That is the equivalent of 3- ˝ pounds worth of microbes. Some of these microbes are friendly meaning they promote good health and some are unfriendly meaning they destroy health.

Unfriendly microbes left unchecked easily multiply and the results to you can be disastrous. Some of these unfriendly microbes are Salmonella, Listeria, Clostridium perfringens, Entercocci, Bacteroides, Staphyylococci, Campylobacter and literally hundreds of others. As these unfriendly and dangerous microbes start to multiply, serious and deadly diseases can develop. Disease like Graves Disease, Lupus, Dermatomyositis Liver, Psoriasis, Pancreatitis, Candida Albicans (yeast infections), Colo-rectal Cancers, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, Vaginitis, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Acne, Constipation, Ear Infections, Food Poisoning, Chron’s Disease, Urinary Tract Infections, Severe Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and a whole host of others, especially digestion related disorders.

You may have heard about the recent statistics that had doctors puzzled. These doctors would perform cardiac surgery on patients and find that 6% of these patients would die. What made it so puzzling was that they all died from something other than complications of surgery.

Soon it was discovered that the 6% who died, were killed from an excessive amount of enterotoxins generated by the bad microbes. There were just too many enterotoxins for their liver to detoxify and it killed them. Simply stated, a severe lack of lactobacillus and an extreme abundance of the unfriendly bacteria overwhelmed them. The result was fatal.

Having adequate levels of the friendly microbes- Lactobacillus, are very important to good health. Adequate levels of Lactobacillus can:
· Occupy space and block out others
· Produce natural anti-biotics against the unfriendly microbes
· Detoxify and prevent carcinogens
· Reduce cholesterol levels
· Produce B-vitamins
· Inhibit Candida yeast
· Prevent Colo-Rectal polyps, tumors and cancer.
· Promote the correct pH level in your large intestines and colon - which provides a hostile environment for the unfriendly microbes and destroys them while allowing the Lactobacillus to thrive.

Friendly microbes- lactobacillus are obviously of critical importance to your good health. In the mothers womb is a sterile environment in which neither the friendly or unfriendly bacteria are present. As you are being born, if your mother has a healthy level of lactobacillus present, the baby will pick some of them up and through nursing these healthy lactobacillus will be fed and thrive in the new born baby.

Babies that are delivered by Cessarian section, fed by bottle and not breast, and a mother with a lack of good flora and an abundance of the bad flora, will greatly impair the transfer of the good flora to the new born baby.

This is why so many babies end up with severe indigestion and diarrhea in the first few months of life. Add any antibiotic treatments that this child may receive and it becomes clear as to why there are so many illnesses in childhood.

Getting plenty of the friendly flora is challenge enough but there are many different factors that can destroy them, which in turn allows the bad flora or unfriendly microbes to move in and take over.

Antibiotic Therapy, Chemo Therapy, Cortisone Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Most Drug Therapy and High Levels of Stress Hormones are responsible for killing off the majority of these friendly microbes. As the good guys are killed off and the bad guys begin to flourish, they will change the pH level in your large intestines from a normal acidic state to an alkaline state.

The bad guys thrive on this alkaline state while it does not allow the good guys to survive. When you add a diet that is high in sugar and flour products, you end up feeding these bad microbes just what they need. This is the perfect condition to develop a yeast infection for example that is extremely difficult to stop. Likewise changing the pH level of the large intestines to an acidic state allows the good flora to multiply and thrive while killing off the bad flora.


In order to change the pH in your large intestines and colon from an alkaline state to a normal acidic state, you first have to kill off all the bad microbes. Healthy-Flora is the product of choice to accomplish this. It is also very important to eliminate the fuel that the bad guys are thriving on- sugar and flour products from your diet.

Because Lactobacillus ferments non digestible fiber and milk products, short chain fatty acids (SCFA) like Acetic acid, Lactic acid, Propionic acid and Butyric acid are produced. All of these help tremendously in lowering the colon pH levels. Just how important is this?

According to a study published in the British Journal of Cancer in 1986, a low colon pH is critical.

% People with
Colon Cancer         0%   20%   30%   30%     100%    

Colon pH                 6.12    6.15     6.21   6.29     6.88    
Fiber Intake           25 gr.   18 gr.   20 gr.   21 gr.     23 gr.    

As you continue using the Healthy -Flora, the good guys will start to multiply and kill the bad guys off. Once the good guys have cleaned house, you should also consider supplementing your diet with #3019 Panzyme which are the alkaline enzymes that help tremendously in maintaining the alkaline state of your small intestines.

If you follow this program you will first kill off the bad guys, and then establish a healthy intestinal environment that insures they can’t survive. Lastly as the good flora- lactobacillus thrive, your colon and large intestines will be able to assimilate and utilize the nutrients from your diet and supplements much more efficiently.

A SPECIAL STRAIN OF LACTOBACCILUS THAT IS STABLE EVEN AFTER 1 YEAR Until the creation of Healthy-Flora, the problem with lactobacillus was that it was very unstable and easily destroyed by heat and the acidic enzymes of the stomach. This made it extremely difficult to get enough of the lactobacillus to survive and get down to the large intestines and colon where they benefit you.

The Vitality Healthy-Flora is a Lactobacillus Sporogen meaning that it has a natural coating that protects it from heat and the acid of the stomach. Virtually 100%of the lactobacillus in Healthy-Flora gets down into your large intestines where it really goes to work.


Normally when you purchase a lactobacillus product, you must refrigerate the contents and use it quickly. By the time you actually use the product, you may only be receiving a fraction of the lactobacillus that you thought.

This is not the case with Healthy-Flora. To prove the stability of Healthy-Flora, the manufacturer tested a batch and determined that it had almost 5 million live and active microbes per gram. They then left the product on a warehouse shelf for 1 full year and tested it again.

Keep in mind that any regular lactobacillus product would never survive past a few weeks in this kind of environment.

After 1 full year of storage on a warehouse shelf, Healthy-Flora was tested and determined to still have well over 4 million live and active microbes per gram! Finally a lactobacillus product that can not only survive, but thrive! As you may have already guessed, it requires no refrigeration.

In addition to this special form of lactobacillus sporogen, Vitality also adds a natural fructooligopolysaccharide (FOS) that serves as a food for the lactobacillus to thrive.

Adding this FOS to the lactobacillus has shown to increase the rate of beneficial multiplication by 5-10 times. A stable and highly potent form of lactobacillus combined with the natural food it needs to thrive gives you a product that really gets the job done. The Vitality HealthyFlora is truly the state of the art.


6 -Healthy-Flora capsules contain the following nutrient values:

Lactobacillus Acidophilus ……………1,440 mg.
(5,760,000 live and active microbes)

Fructooligopolysaccharides ………… 1,440 mg.


The Institute offers the following suggestion in the use of this product. For the first month, 3 capsules three times daily on an empty stomach. For the second month and thereafter as a maintenance dose 2 or 3 capsules twice daily on an empty stomach or as directed by your physician.

Vitality Product Code 1009 (120 capsules)

Reprinted by Permission - Product Overview from the Complete Product Overview & Physicians Guide -
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