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An Educational Publication Exclusively for Members of the Vitality Family - APRIL 2000

If you suffer From Any of These Conditions-

Varicose Veins
Liver Spots
Premature Aging
Dry Skin
Oily Skin
Skin Discolorations
Age Spots
Radiation Burns
Itchy Skin
Sensitive Skin
Flaky Skin

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What is it that causes wrinkles and the actual appearance of aging on your Skin?

"You better stop making those faces, or your face will be stuck in that position".

You probably remember someone, maybe your mother telling you that. As it turns out, your mother may have known more than you thought.

While most of us fortunately did not get stuck with some of those faces we used to make as kids, believe it or not your facial expressions do play a role in the creation of wrinkles. Fortunately it is a secondary role.

It's All About "Elasticity!"

Wrinkles begin to form as soon as your skin loses its elasticity. Like a new rubber band, elastic skin has the ability to stretch and be pulled this way and that but once finished, it always snaps right back into place and is no worse for the wear. For a good example, notice your face in a mirror as you smile, frowning or even squinting cause your skin to be stretched, pushed and pulled in many different directions and typically you see temporary wrinkles around the eyes and perhaps your cheeks as well.

Now notice what happens when you stop making this expression. The more supple and elastic your skin, the faster it snaps back into place eliminating the temporary wrinkles generated by your smiling.

Small Lines and Crow's Feet... Big Permanent Wrinkles

As your skin begins tolose it s elasticity, wrinkles will begin to form. It takes awhile, but as the elasticity of your skin lessens- small lines begin to form and they don't go away. You generate these small lines every time you make facial expressions. The more elasticity you lose- the more these small lines do not disappear and ultimately become wrinkles.

You know these small lines as "crow's feet" or "smile lines" and they usually appear first in the delicate tissue around the eyes, cheeks and then lips usuallly in that order. That's because these delicate areas are the first to show a loss of skin elasticity.

90% of "Aging" is Actually Damage From Exposure

As you age your skin will naturally become thinner and lose some elasticity. There are many things that you do or don't do that will accelerate the damage that leads to the visible effects we call aging.

Diet and Nutrition a lack of important vitamins and nutrients that your skin cells require to be healthy makes it almost impossible to repair damaged cells and to generate healthy new ones.

Exposure to Environmental Pollutants- like chemicals or cigareet smoke will do severe damage to your skin cells which only further increases the visible effects of aging.

Lack of Proper Skin Care- By not replacing moisture and other important nutrients that are lost from you skin, your skin will dry out and lose elasticity.

Sun Exposure- This is by far the biggest thief of your youthful skin. The sun is your skins worst enemy.

It is estimated that 90% of the signs of aging are actually caused by exposure to the sun. And you probably noticed we did not say "overexposure" to the sun as the condition. Exposure does not necessarily mean sunbathing or even sunburn- just simple exposure to the Sun. Fully 70% of the damage done to your skin cells is attributed to exposure to the Suns UV-A rays from everyday activities like walking to and from your car.

These harmful UV-A rays do so much damage vecause they dry out the skin (losing elasticity) and they lead to the generation of free radicals that can permanently damage and destroy your skin cells. UV-A rays are present year round/everyday. The damaging effects of these rays are not immediately noticeable but unfortunately theya re cumulative over the years and can ultimately lead to skin cancer.

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Not only does your skin give you all your good looks, it also serves as the first line of defense for your immune system. Normal and healthy skin is thick skin that serves as a critically important barrier toharmful pathogens that are looking to get inside of you where they can survive and prosper. From common colds todeadly viruses and bacteria, your skin is supposed to form a protective barrier that these bady guys simply can not cross.

As your skin gets thinner and thinner due to damage from free radicals and exposure, this protective barrier becomes much easier to cross and infectious organisms are able to cross and get inside of you where theycan prosper. The end result is that you may be one of those people who seem to catch every cold and flu that comes along, or worse.

Your immune system already knows how important this protective skin barrier is. Have you noticed how frequently you will see inflammation, swelling and redness surrounding an area of your skin that has ben punctured or wounded? You probably noticed that in most cases it appears almost immediately after incurring the wound.

Most people think the swelling, inflammation and redness are caused by some sort of invading organisms. Truth of the matter is- ALL OF THEM ARE CAUSED BY YOUR OWN IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Inflammation, swelling, redness- they are all caused by your immune system as it recognizes that your skin barrier has been broke and does everything in its power to destroy this open wound. These harmful organisms don't waste any time taking advantage of the open wound, and your immune system doesn't waste a moment fighting them back. It's a battle for survival - It's war.

The Moral of The Story

Never take the health of your skin and immune system for granted. If you do it could be the last big mistake you ever make.

It is impossible not to be exposed to the Suns UV-A rays and you should always smile. It's just good for you soul.

Try and minimize your exposure to harmful UV-A Rays and make sure that you are giving your skin the nutrients and moisturizers it needs to keep you looking youthful.

We spent a considerable amount of time and money to put together the very best skin care cream that could ever be created. We call it "Miracle Skin Repair Formula #165" and it is powerful nutrition for your healthy skin.

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